23-24 September and
29 September - 01 October
Root Tantra class opens the door into vast and profound world of Sowa Rigpa - Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM). It introduces a portrait of human life interconnected with the world of all existence, thereby developing a basic understanding of balance and imbalance of body, mind and energy. It is the first part of more profound TTM studies.

Course suits also to those who are interested to have overview of TTM and for Kunye therapists to deepen their knowledge about Sowa Rigpa (TTM).
Course will take place every day 10-17 (GMT +3).
Participate in person at Väluste, Estonia.
We will have live coverage in Zoom.

Courses teacher is menpa Hanna Väliaho. Menpa Hanna is certified by Sowa Rigpa International College Kathmandu and Lumbini Buddhist University (Nepal) as bachelor of Sowa Rigpa Medicine. She is one of few westerners who has completed the full studies of TTM.
Hanna Väliaho

This course block consists of two modules with the following content:

TTM 1.1.1 Elements: Introduction to Sowa Rigpa

  • Tibetan terminology
  • Tantric system
  • Five elements and tendrel
  • Three nyes pa

TTM 1.1.2 Root Tantra: Basic principles of health and disease

  • Principals of diagnosis, including basic pulse reading, tongue and urine analysis and symptoms of disease
  • Basic treatment with food and lifestyle
  • Principles of herbal remedies
  • Overview of external therapies for rlung, mkhrispa and badkan
Recommended donation
The training includes five days of training in Väluste or online. On-site we offer accommodation and food.
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Recommended donation for accommodation
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If the wish to participate is deep, but paying the course fee at this point is difficult, please contacts us and we will find a solution.
  • Location

    Viljandi maakond
    69704, Eesti

    This place was chosen for study by our main teacher Dr Nida Chenagtsang to teach Sowa Rigpa and run TTM spiritual practices and therapies.
  • Additional info

    Contact for the additional questions
  • Payment

    Donations are welcome with cash on site or through bank transfer.

    MTÜ Eesti Tiibeti Traditsioonilise Meditsiini Akadeemia
    SEB a/a EE601010220215443222
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