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Donate for the Yuthok statue.
Sowa Rigpa Väluste School is dedicated to preserving and promoting the two legacies of Yuthok Jönten Gompo. These legacies are Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Yuthok Nyingthik.

We have a grand dream - to acquire the Yuthok statue for Sowa Rigpa Väluste School, which supports us in achieving this goal.

We are confident that every small contribution helps us get closer to this objective.
The twelfth century physician, scholar and religious figure Yutok Yonten Gonpo the Younger (g.yu thog gsar ma yon tan mgon po) is often lauded as the "Father of Tibetan medicine." The Tibetan medical tradition often portrays Yutok as an emanation of the Medicine Buddha.

Yuthok Yonten Gonpo the Younger was a Tibetan doctor and ngakpa (lay, non-monastic tantric practitioner), credited with composing the Four Medical Tantras (rgyud bzhi), a four-book treatise on Traditional Tibetan Medicine which forms the main course of study in the Tibetan medical tradition.

His other important contribution to Tibetan culture was the Yuthok Nyingthik. The Yuthok Nyingthig, the ‘Heart Essence of Yuthok’, is a unique and comprehensive set of Tibetan Buddhist practices.
Sowa Rigpa Väluste School is an open place for anyone who wants to learn traditional Tibetan medicine or clarify their mind and purify their intentions through various spiritual practices.
The Sorig Khang Väluste School began in 2015, after Dr. Nida Chenagtsang had a visionary dream of a place where traditional Tibetan medicine lineage could be upheld and developed. Subsequently, this place was found. According to the vision, the school will become an international hub for teaching and preserving traditional Tibetan medicine in Northern and Eastern Europe.

At the school, one can gain knowledge of Tibetan medicine, practice meditation, participate in spiritual Tibetan Buddhist practices and rituals. We organise courses and retreats, as well as mantra concerts and various other interesting events suitable for participants of all levels of experience. Everyone can find a suitable event for themselves.
Promoting people's mental and physical health is our mission.
We have a big dream - to acquire the Yuthok Nyingthik statue for the Väluste Sowa Rigpa School, which supports us in achieving this goal.

We are convinced that every small contribution helps us get closer to this goal.

The statue we wish to acquire symbolizes respect for Yuthok Jönten Gompo, the founder of Tibetan Traditional Medicine, and his comprehensive Vajrayana teachings known as Yuthok Nyingthik.

We have already invested 4000 euros towards acquiring the statue and now, within the scope of this crowdfunding campaign, we need an additional 3000 euros to make it a reality for our school.

Your donation will help us reach our goal and create something extraordinary that will endure for years, providing inspiration and support to our school community and all who come into contact with it. Thank you for being a part of making our dreams come true!
How you can help?
If possible, please support the acquisition of the Yuthok Nyingthik statue for the Väluste School with a donation that suits you.

Or make a bank transfer:

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