January 2024

As we step into the new year, join us on every Wednesday in January 2024 for an online healing series that guides us through the basics of building a spiritual practice for your health and wellbeing.

  • 03 January - Building a Daily Meditation Practice based on Tibetan Buddhism
  • 10 January - Unlocking Winter Wellness: Five Element Healing Session
  • 17 January - Connecting with Supreme Medicine Beings
  • 24 January - Joyful Living and Peaceful Dying
  • 31 January - Closing Discussion: Nurturing the Continued Growth of Your Spiritual Journey.
New Year resolution: healing month with Drukmo Gyal Yogini
Course is on Wednesdays
19-21 (Tallin, Helsinki, Kiev)
18-20 (Rome, Warsaw, Budapest)
09-11 AM (Los Angeles, USA)
  • In English
  • Translation to Estonian
  • Possible to translate to other languages, if we have a volunteer translator.
Only live coverage in Zoom, no on-site participation
All of the sessions have been recorded and accessible free on Thinkific platform.
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She was born in the Northeastern part of Tibet into a yogi family where mantra, yoga, and meditation were introduced at a young age. She practiced mantras with traditional melodies and in 2008 began singing publicly and touring the world. In 2014 she moved to the West in order to work with Sorig Khang International, one of the largest organisations for Tibetan Medicine in the world, founded by her teacher Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.

Since she has been in the West she has produced five albums of Tibetan healing mantras and chants with musicians from all over the world and traveled to over twenty countries to share concerts, public talks, workshops, and courses on mantra, yoga, meditation, and the external healing therapies of Tibetan Medicine.

Learn more at www.drukmogyal.com
Drukmo Gyal Yogini
Building a Daily Meditation Practice
based on Tibetan Buddhism
Welcome to the profound path of daily meditation rooted in the rich traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. In the sacred landscapes of Tibetan spiritual philosophy, cultivating a daily meditation practice becomes a gateway to inner peace, wisdom, and spiritual awakening.
As you tread this sacred path, you will discover the harmonious integration of traditional Tibetan meditation techniques designed to cultivate mindfulness, loving-kindness, and a profound connection to the present moment.
Meditation Routines and Five Element Theories
As the crisp embrace of winter envelops us, join us on January 10th for a transformative Five Element Healing Session dedicated to enhancing your quality of life during the winter months. Drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom, this session will delve into the harmonizing energies of the five elements, guiding you toward a season of well-being, resilience, and inner balance.
Elemental Insights
Explore the profound wisdom of the five elements—Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Space—and how their dynamic interplay influences our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Seasonal Self-Care Rituals
Uncover the art of meditation rituals or sadhanas tailored to the winter season. How five element proportions within each one of us determine the meditation routines to bring a healthy rhythm of life. Together we will discover ways to kindle the inner warmth that sustains you through the colder months.
Connecting with Supreme Medicine Beings
Immerse yourself in the serene and healing presence of Medicine Buddha, Yuthok Yönten Gongpo, Medicine Dakinis, fostering an atmosphere of spiritual support system
Guided Meditation
Embark on a guided meditation journey, skillfully led to deepen your connection with Medicine Buddha, Yuthok Yönten Gongpo, and Medicine Dakinis, and tap into the transformative energies of compassion and healing.

Wisdom Teachings
Explore the profound teachings surrounding Medicine Buddha, Yuthok Yönten Gongpo, and Medicine Dakinis, gaining insights into how these ancient wisdom traditions contribute to physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Collective Healing Intentions
Join a global community in setting collective intentions for healing, amplifying the shared energy of spiritual growth and well-being.
Joyful Living and Peaceful Dying
We will delve into the essence of cultivating a life brimming with joy, purpose, and a deep sense of fulfilment, while also embracing the wisdom and tranquility that can accompany the inevitable journey of transitioning from this life.
Joyful Living
Discover the art of infusing joy into every facet of your life, irrespective of the external circumstances. Uncover practical insights and mindfulness practices that pave the way for a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence.

Peaceful Dying
Explore the transformative power of embracing the inevitability of life's end with grace and tranquility. Delve into the wisdom traditions that offer guidance on approaching the end of life with a peaceful and centered mind.

Mind-Body Connection
Understand the intricate connection between mental well-being and physical health, unraveling the secrets to fostering a harmonious balance that contributes to both joyful living and peaceful dying.

Cultivating Resilience
Learn practical tools to cultivate resilience in the face of life's challenges, fostering a mindset that not only enriches your present but also prepares you for a serene transition when the time comes.
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